AVENGERS #355-357 (1992): 1st Scanner

Sadly, it’s true.  The team is weird these days.  The word “pathetic” is a little too harsh, maybe, but it’s not completely wrong.

Yeah, these are not good issues.  Even Wasp is concerned that the team is sub-par.


Word.  The line up is a weird: A soulless Vision, Sersi (the God nobody has heard of), Hercules (the God who’s not Thor), Thunderstrike (the Thor who’s not Thor), Black Knight (ugh), Crystal (okay), Widow (the female Hawkeye), and sometimes Cap.

Nevertheless, they get to be in this adventure.


Here’s the main elements: Alternate reality versions of Avengers “gather” and destroy each other. Proctor is stalking the 616 Avengers throughout the process. He’s in love with Sersei…It’s got pieces of good story, and Epting’s art gets better as it goes on, but there’s just not enough pay off as the story meanders along.

I also don’t like Hercules clean shaven.

In these issues, The Avengers capture a Swordsman from another reality and we learn that Uatu the Watcher is concerned about the war between the different realities. But the “Proctor/Gatherers” story doesn’t end here.  After a two-issue “drop in” story about Arkon (in #358-359), the Gatherers return and, at last, there is in fact a decent pay-off to all the build up.

And finally, there are a few pages that introduce Screener, one of Magneto’s Acolytes, who appears to attempt to kidnap Luna.

Actually I think she’s “screening” Luna. Hence, this mutant’s name.

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