IRON MAN #229 (1988): Gremlin dies

In this issue, Iron Man takes down Gremlin, who is the new Titanium Man, and Crimson Dynamo–because he’s not just after his own tech anymore, he’s after all armored heroes.  It’s like his own Highlander: There can be only one armored hero!

The two villains are ready for him and put up a strong fight, forcing Tony Stark to kill Titanium Man (Gremlin is inside the suit).  It’s kind of accidental–Titanium Man’s armor explodes during the fight–but if you use the “but for” test, or the felony murder rule, Tony’s guilty.

So, now he’ll be wanted for murder.

His “fry the circuits” did work on Crimson Dynamo though.

To his credit, Tony confesses to the West Coast Avengers team.

But he says it was in self defense.


Rather than turn him in, Hawkeye kicks Tony out of The Avengers. Why is it that the West Coast Avengers are cool here but in their own book they’re terrible?

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