UNCANNY X-MEN #322 (1995)

The big return after the X-Men we all knew and loved disappeared, and we meet Onslaught for the first time. Nothing like ending a huge event with another event!

Beast, Psylocke and Bishop are just chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ and coolin’ when Juggernaut literally crashes in. He’s terrified, screaming that “he is after me” and that whoever “he” is literally threw Juggernaut from Canada to New Jersey.

It’s just a fight. An issue-long fight. And at the end of it, Juggernaut collapses in exhaustion and says, “Onslaught.”

And so begins the post-AoA event.

There are brief check-ins with others: After AoA, people still hate mutants (and don’t remember the event). Gambit kissed Rogue and now part of his “self” has been absorbed by her. And Wolverine is sleeping outside because he thinks his feral nature is returning.

A group of mutants called Gene Nation slaughtered a bunch of humans at a nightclub.

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