The U-Foes were still loose at the end of the big fight against Leader’s team last issue.  This issue starts with Hulk finishing them off.


With that, Leader’s plans are completely foiled and Hulk, Rick, and Marlo go back to the apartment Marlo shares with Betty Ross, where Betty learns Marlo is not dead.

She’s a vegetable.

Then, Hulk becomes leader of Pantheon as the current leader goes on a walkabout.  He apparently does this on a regular basis, kind of like Odin goes into the Odinsleep.  As a parallel, Omnibus, who was part of Leader’s “Freehold” group, takes over as head of Freehold now that Leader has been captured.

But perhaps most fun, the “seer” of Pantheon, Delphi, has a vision of Maestro–the Hulk character in Future Imperfect.  Future Imperfect was also written by Peter David and takes place in the future. This suggests that maybe the book is canon for Earth 616.

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