Machine Man #16-17 (1980): 1st Madame Menace, Baron Brimstone, Hammer Harrison, Snake Marston

From bad to worse, DeFalco is now writing this book that is really, really begging to be cancelled.  In this issue, Machine Man takes on a so-called (self-professed) “master of the mystic arts.”  Baron Brimstone and his Brimstone Squad.

Really not the right villain for a robot hero. Also debuting are his henchmen, Hammer Harrison…

…and Snake Marston.

The book reads like 1960s Marvel, and if that’s not enough, it name checks The Rockford Files.  Absolutely nothing here feels youthful or new.

Issue #16 leads directly into #17, where Sunset Bain debuts as Madame Menace, a woman who built an electronics company with stolen Stark tech that was designed by Machine Man’s creator.

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