DEADPOOL #14 (1998)

While Deadpool is lying in the snow, completely beaten by T-Ray, Blind Al and Weasel talk about all the horrible things Deadpool does to them and how they will never be able to escape imprisonment in Deadpool’s home.


He’s put them in a literal torture chamber as punishment for an earlier escape.

So we have a hero who got his heart broken by Typhoid Mary and his body broken by T-Ray, but instead of evoking sympathy, we see what a sick, sick dude he is.

Also while Deadpool is healing in the snow, a group of soldiers are hunting him. One of them is Ajax, but he’s not named or spotlighted yet.

Weasel does leave in the end, and takes Deuce the Devil Dog with him. And Deadpool finally heals, emerges from the snow, and Zoe Culloden shows up to change his life.

New series artist Walter McDaniel signs on.

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