Power Pack #42-43 (1988-1989)

During his last bout of being bad, Magik sent Power Pack’s enemy Douglas “Boogeyman” Carmody to Limbo for working with the demon N’astirh.  Now, as part of the Inferno event, N’astirh mutates Carmody into a full-on demonlike creature, giant, ugly and pale white, and Power Pack must fight him while the rest of New York becomes possessed across other Marvel books. 

It even infects the bathroom!

During the action, some New Mutants appear and Carmody kidnaps the Power kids’ parents, and the kids are forced to reveal for the first time to their parents that they have powers.

And Carmody becomes a demon.

This is a fairly consequential turn of events.  But the overall quality of this book is just not good.

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