Vision and the Scarlet Witch #8 (1986): MLK day

Power Man teams up with the titular characters and their houseguests, Crystal and Quicksilver for a magic issue.  And look!  Wanda has a baby bump!

Also, Steve Englehart proves he can’t write black.

But he’s done a cool thing with this book: It takes place in real time, with every issue taking place in a different month.  He lets us know that by incorporating Holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and…

And so Luke provides a civil rights lesson with a backhanded insult to Pietro.

Overall, this book just can’t seem to get it right.  It keeps getting close, but it just misses the mark every issue.


1 thought on “Vision and the Scarlet Witch #8 (1986): MLK day”

  1. You’re right. At the time, I had such high hopes for this miniseries, because I am all about the sizzlin’ Scarlet Witch, but-you’re right. Trying to make this miniseries interesting is a lot like a person trying to get out of a quicksand bog. The harder they try, the faster they sink! The only part of this miniseries I enjoyed was when the Toad confronted Wanda ostensibly for the purpose of hauling her off, as he had been in love with her since the very first day they met, only to discover she was super-preggo, and……..instant turnoff!!! Yeah, that would do it!! I don’t believe old Mortimer has rattled her cage ever since, unless I’m mistaken. The Toad’s relapse into evil in these issues must suggest that the “Toad World” amusement park built for him by the ever-benevolent Angel at the conclusion of ‘Marvel Two-In-One’#68 a few years earlier must have tanked!! Too bad. Well, Warren, you know what they say about “one good turn………”


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