Dazzler #17 (1982)

Angel tries to get with Dazzler, but she prefers redheaded lawyer nerds.  Angel is kind of creepy in this issue, as his aggressive efforts to woo her border on stalking—he’s chasing her through dark parks, showing up wherever she turns, and he even flies up and knocks on the window of her apartment!  Then he forcibly grabs her and flies her around the city!  To her credit, she resists and resists until…

That’s just gross.  Shame on Danny Fingeroth and Marvel for basically saying that kidnapping can lead to romance.  Disgusting.

They end up going on a date where Dr. Octopus attacks.

And then she dumps him.

At the end of the issue, we see Crusher Creel getting off a plane to hunt down Dazzler.

I graded this as an F.   It’s not a terrible comic but this condonation of misogyny cannot go unpunished.

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