Elektra: Assassin #2-3 (1986)

These issues introduce Elektra’s pursuer, SHEILD Agent John Garrett, who is part of a special group of international actors who are trying to enable a demon called “The Beast” to become president in the form of a human named Ken Wind.

Ken Wind is a pretty generic-looking white politician.

The story is pretty simple: Elektra nearly kills Garrett, he becomes a Cyborg, and she still outwits him. He also appears to fall in love with her.

The big gun thing is clearly sexual.

Also, apparently Elektra’s biology has been altered.

Some very interesting things are done with narrative, as the perspective now is shared between Elektra and Garrett, with each having their own “color” of narrative caption box.  Garrett takes over a lot of the narration from here on out, as he is chasing down Elektra.  And, of course, she outwits him.  Often.

Elektra Assassin is one of the top 10 Frank Miller comics of all time.


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